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Vitus pure Ocean Sourced Calcium

VITUS® Pure Ocean Sourced Calcium supports the daily requirement for calcium to support strong bones and teeth.  It contains 896mg elemental Calcium per serve with 72 trace minerals for a synergistic health benefit.  100% vegan, dairy and gluten free.
Choose VITUS® Pure Ocean Sourced Calcium for:
- Bone strength and density
- Strong nails and teeth
- Easily mixed in foods and drinks
- Children, adults and pregnancy nutrition


Pure Ocean



Product Origin

The pristine ocean waters of Iceland

Method of consumption

Take 2.8g (one level teaspoon) stirred into water, juice or a smoothie.




100% Lithothamnium sp. (Lithothamnium calcareum - Calcium rich sea vegetable) containing 896mg of elemental calcium per serve.

You are a natural living being, so eat natural plant-based fresh foods.