Tony Suters is a mild-mannered accountant ‘9 to 5’ and an International Ironman ‘out of the office’. 



At the youthful age of 62, Tony has been selected as our very first VITUS “Everyday Athlete”,

and as you can see, the numbers really do add up!

62 years of age

34 x Ironman Triathlons

2 x Marathons

18 x ½ Ironman Triathlons

2 x Hawaiian Ironman Events

Trains 2.5 hours a day + some 6 hour sessions on the bike

As a busy accountant with his own firm who has acted as Planet Health’s Corporate Accountant since the business began over 22 years ago, how does Tony manage to balance the books at work whilst counting the training kilometres? Tony has discovered an unwavering passion for fitness that compels him to continue training at an extraordinary level that most 20 year old’s couldn’t match. Tapping into his passion, motivation for self-improvement and a quest for new challenges ensures leading an active lifestyle is second nature. 

For Tony, prioritisation and consistency are key factors to his success. Exercise is prioritised with an average of 2.5 hours training per day, which keeps Tony at an elite fitness level, and also allows him to be far more productive at the office.


This schedule may not suit us all, however there are a few tips we can take from this high-achieving ‘everyday athlete’:

Find your passion - Try a few different activities until you find something you love and increase your goals step-by-step.

Prioritise your fitness – Commit, train and never refrain!

Set realistic goals - 5,000 steps per day? Run 3k without stopping? 20 push ups per day? You’re more likely to be successful if you set specific, meaningful goals. Write them down, tell a supportive friend and make yourself accountable. A little determination can go a long way.

Be consistent – Tony’s best weapon is maintaining his daily training schedule. This vital tip ensures you don’t lose those hard earned gains you’ve worked so hard to get.



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