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VITUS is a vegan wholefood nutrition brand from Planet Health - the market leading national distributor and marketer of premium natural health and beauty products in Australia. Created in 2017, VITUS vegan wholefoods offer a range of nutrient rich alternatives to synthetically produced vitamin supplements. As nature intended, our products are produced with premium ingredients for maximum results, without unnatural additives or preservatives. All VITUS products are 100% VEGAN VERIFIED.




Planet Health was founded in February 1996 in New South Wales, Australia by Mandy and Peter Harwood. Both directors shared a vision to create a natural health distribution company like no other.

With many years experience between them, the Planet Health Co-founders previously held several senior roles in the natural health industry in sales, marketing, international business development and management. The growth of Planet Health and the creation of VITUS, owes much to the business philosophy of the directors. In fact, the VITUS range was a family effort with packaging design created by Peter and Mandy’s daughter Tess who is a designer based in Milan, Italy.


Australian Made and Family Owned

Planet Health is a family owned company. Our VITUS products are proudly Australian made, using premium ingredients from all over the world and fully supported by a 100% quality guarantee.

With a vision to create pure 100% vegan wholefood supplements made from the purest natural ingredients, Planet Health launched the all-new VITUS brand in 2017. Pure Desert Sourced SPIRULINA, Pure Ocean Sourced MAGNESIUM and Pure Ocean Sourced CALCIUM were initially launched and we have since added pure plant sourced VITAMIN C, IRON + C, DIGESTIVE and VEGAN B12.




A commitment to integrity

We carry out an extensive ethical and quality audit of the ingredient suppliers of all VITUS products, selecting only premium ingredients that provide real results. Our team includes scientists, qualified naturopaths and passionate individuals with extensive natural health industry experience.

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